TrnrsTs0001.jpg             " Punished # 1 "           TrnrsTs0001.jpg

                                                                                       Producer:  California Star Production 1985

                                                                            Starring:  Sharon Montgomery & Georgina Van Helsing


On the Rack
A willing Terryl is brought into the dungeon and shown the delights of the post and the rack.  Her Master puts her to the test taking her limits higher than she thought possible.  The hood that hides his face makes the danger all the more exciting as he whips and taunts her into submission.

Bound Debutante:
Cynthia, the haughty bitch, is captured by a longshoreman and taken to a warehouse for some lessons in satisfying a man's desire.  Helpless to resist, she finds a strange release in being a captive against her will.  Thing come to Cynthia that she didn't realize were there.  Cynthia's' response to her captor's hands and mouth surprise even the longshoreman ... the situation builds to a ver hot climax.

Red Hot Bondage:
Sharon Montgomery, star of "Curiosity Excited the Kat" and "Sweet Nightmares", plays Darla, a demanding itch who's taught a lesson by Sam, a hard hat who's into hared bondage.  Well placed ropes teach Darla a lesson she's going to remember for a long time to come.

The Tease:
Tricked into coming to the warehouse, Kitty's teasing ways are brought to a close when she is forced to strap herself into a spread eagle position to be at the mercy of her hooded instructor in better manners.  Use of the whip, suspension and a crotch rope help teach this tease to mend her ways.

Shanna, an agent from Nagaya, is interrogated by a member of the rebel forces.   Her posing as an American journalist is quickly uncovered through harsh interrogation methods and strong use of the whip.  Shanna's body is played like an instrument by a skillful interrogator.

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