Review of - Midori's Beauty Bound

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Japanese bondage, Shibari, or freestyle rope bondage. Midori wrote the book on Japanese Bondage,
but she blends many rope styles on the smooth flesh of the exquisite women she binds.
Photographer Michael Blue captures Midori's living sculpture in his unique artistic way,
making sure the images are always erotic and hot.

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The beauties you'll find in exquisite, artistic rope bondage by Midori include:

Anastasia Pierce, Aylith, Babydoll, Bonnie, Bridgett Harrington, Chanta Rose, Cherry Rain, Claire Adams, Darlin',
Dara Lynn Dahl, Darenzia, Dita Von Teese, Dmii Darkangel, Emily Marilyn, Estelle, Gwendoline, Honey, Ivy Red, Jenna Lyte,
Justine, Kumi, Lorelei Lee, Lydia McLane, Mason, Masuimi Max, Mayan Lee, Mielle, Missa & Lexie, Ondine-X, Paige Richards,
Rachel Paine, Rosaleen Young, Savannah, Seven, Sinnamon Love, Suzi Suzuki.

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Photographic artistry by Michael Blue and guest photographers Craig Morey, Eric Kroll, James Mogul, John Gillan, and more.

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Find out what you've been missing.
Go behind the scenes with Midori and Michael … On to the location and into the minds of the true bondage sluts, bondage queens,
rope masters, nawashi and famous pervy shutterbugs.

It's not just the fantasy … You want more.
Because you know that bondage isn't all fun and games. What happens when things go wrong? What's a turn-on and
what's a turn-off for these beauties? How do you create a successful bondage shoot?

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What is written below should be enough in itself to pique your interest

You'll see the beauty of Rosaleen's delicate curves as warm amber light floats across one side of her body while cool blue luminance
bites at her other side. Witness Dmii Darkangel's magnificent, tightly muscled form in impossible positions for the tight embrace of
Midori's rope. You'll view dozens of other sets of the highest quality photography of luscious women turned into expressions of the most
creative, beautiful, bondage art this side of Japan

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When I said that Midori "wrote" the book, I wasn't kidding, she DID.

Who is Midori?

The name Midori is well-known in the worlds of SM and fetish, first as a model, then domina, and finally the highly respected
author/educator/artist she is today. She wrote a book called "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" which may very well have been
the first book on Japanese bondage in English. She writes erotic fiction for books and magazines, and her instructional texts have even
found their way into college textbooks. She teaches around the world at universities, stores, private tutorials, and SM educational
organizations. She's appeared on TV on HBO's Real Sex (2x) and Sex Bytes (6x), Playboy TV (2x), Canada's Sex TV, Germany's Peep, and
many more. She's appeared in magazines that include Skin Two (UK), Ritual (UK), Secret (Belgium), Marquis (Germany), Sniper (Japan),
Spectator (San Francisco), Mademoiselle (US), Sojourner (US), Playboy (US and abroad), Taboo (US), Glamour, San Francisco Chronicle,
Village Voice (New York) and other publications.

Combine Midori's deviant and erotic mind,with the photgraphic and lighting artistry of Micael Blue and what you get
is nothing short of fantastic.  Visit them and you decide.  I guarantee you will be in agreement.


Midori and Michael await your visit)