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Welcome to Bound by Bhowani
THE place to see photographs and videos of Bhowani's gorgeous models tied up and gagged in their very best blouses.

That statement is what greets Bhowani's visitors.   Don't let the subtleness fool you.  Bhowani has gone to great lengths
to bring his visitors and his Members exactly what they want to see in a sensual style that is nothing short of "Class".

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Bhowani is a UK based glamour photographer specializing in photographing and filming the most gorgeous models in Great Britain,
dressed in smart and sexy outfits - usually with blouses - in tasteful bondage.

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His work - now exclusively available on Bound by Bhowani- features models at the top of their profession, including 2003 Signy Award Best Bondage Model
Jasmine Sinclair, international glamour beauty Kyla Cole, awesome Penthouse and Playboy models Lana Cox and Lucy Zara, Page Three stunner Debby Turpin,
the beautiful Justine Lowes, sexy Tammy, sultry Donna Marie, elfin-faced beauty and TV presenter Charlie Storm and sweet Wendy Jayne, as well as new
models not seen before in bondage.

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Bhowani's  models can usually be seen in secretarial and girl-next-door style outfits of silk and satin blouses or blouses from the 1970s and 1980s. The blouses - sometimes buttoned, sometimes unbuttoned and often with neckscarves - are worn with skirts or trousers, stiletto shoes or boots.

His models are tied up in damsel-in-distress or fun style bondage, usually with rope or silk scarves. They are always gagged or blindfolded with scarves and many feature the now famous "Bhowani-style" trademark gag of an over-the-mouth scarf tied over a scarf cleave gag.

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DSCF0185.jpg Bhowani's Updates

Bhowani updates the site six times a weeek, including a weekend video clip.
One weekly update will always be a blouse gallery without any bondage.

The forum area, and comment areas on the galleries are for you as members to express your appreciation, views or comments and tell Bhowani what you would like to see. DSCF0143.jpg Please keep comments clean and constructive. Requests will be fulfilled over time, providing they are reasonable and within the general boundaries of the site's subject matter.

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sabrina01.jpg This page offers you just a small glimpse of what Bhowani has to offer, but it doesn't show how much trouble he and his webmaster have gone through to make your visit, not only pleasureable visit, but also easy one. DSCF0172.jpg

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Finding what you are looking for is made simple with the drop down menu with a list of his models, or you can simply click on the photo
or video section, and see the thumbnail photos of each gallery.  Take your pick.   Like I said, simplicity itself.

To further make your visit a browsing pleasure, Bhowani has installed this great feature that allows you click on either individual photo's
or an entire gallery, and with the click of a mouse it produces a Zip file for you that you can download right to your hard drive.

Now that I've said my piece, it's up to you to make your own decision.  Bound by Bhowani is relatively new to a degree,
and his photography is excellent already, yet he's getting even better.  I'm   absolutely positive that the future will bring even
better things from him.  Though I don't usually give out ratings, i'll make an exception.  On a scale from 1 to 10, Bhowani
gets a 10.  I like his style and his genre'.  To sum it up, call it "Classy".  Stop in and see what I mean.