Review of - Charlotte Fetish

If you've seen the movie National Treasure, you should be familiar with how the search begins.  The Secret lies with Charlotte.
Well, this has nothing to do with the movie, but in the case of someone who relishes the idea of any kind of Fetish, then the secret DOES lie with Charlotte.

Charlotte Brooke is one sexy, and "game" lady who will try anything once, twice, three times, and more.   As you will see from the photos below, she has a tendency to fall in love
with being bound tight, and silenced effectively.  Charlotte is NOT into play bonage for photography sake.  Completely the opposite.  On her site, you will find nothing that is staged to only
make it "look" real.  With Charlotte, it IS real.


4A9C2420_RT8_7.jpg     4700_clairecharlotte075_3.jpg           4A9C2409_RT8_6.jpg     4A9C2421_RT8_8.jpg           4A9C2435_RT8_10.jpg     4700_clairecharlotte032_1.jpg

Just the Facts:

Age -  a lady never tells
Height - 5' 8"
Weight - 115 Lbs
Eye Color - Green
Hair - Brown
Favorite Color - Purple
Favorite Food - Italian

CF_FN_Hang039_22.jpg          CF_ClaireChar_012_20.JPG     CF_BlackLatex016_16.JPG     CF_BlackLatex020_17.JPG     CF_ClaireChar_052_21.JPG          CF_FN_Hang058_23.jpg
CF_BirthdayRope_066_14.jpg     CF_BlackHogTie_104_15.jpg                CF_CharClaire038_18.JPG     CF_Wired_096_36.JPG

Favorite Fetishes

High Heels, Ballet Boots,  Latex, Whips, Leather, Lace, Lingerie, Nylons, and just about anything you can think of.

CF_GBLatex_032_25.JPG          CF_TableTied_044_31.jpg     CF_VanessaCharlotte037_33.JPG           CF_VanessaCharlotte052_34.JPG           CF_VanessaCharlotte069_35.JPG     CF_TableTied_053_32.jpg          CF_Isolation016_26.JPG

CF_CharClaire059_19.JPG     4700_clairecharlotte283_4.jpg     4700_clairecharlotte047_2.jpg     CF_Barrix_1_106_13.JPG     CF_GBLatex_023_24.JPG

Charlotte Speaks

CharlotteFetish is the result of my love for strict bondage. I started playing around with the idea of sharing my bondage experiences. 
I had a difficult time learning about the things I like and thought it would be good for others to have a source to see more material related to fetish and bondage.
I truly dislike "fake Bondage".    Most of the stuff out there is  smoke and mirrors if you know what I mean.  I had a desire to experience more and thought about Modeling fetish and
bondage for a while.   I figured It would give me an opportunity to try new things. 

I got my start in 1999 When I made a visit to my first website to do a real photo shoot

January 2000 After working with several bondage and fetish Photographers I started this website for my own personal fun and enjoyment.

The site has grown to be something well beyond anything I would have imagined. I have had the opportunity to work with more and more
girls through the years and experience many new things which I have been able to share here.

In January of this year I completely overhauled the site bringing you a fresh new look into My world of fetish.

One of the unique things on the site is that we build a great deal of the gear and devices used on the site right here.
We have learned to fabricate more complex gear and I have had a chance to try more things which I share here on the site each week.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of my members past and present for your outstanding support as well as those of you who are considering joining in to check out my life as a fetish model.

Where else can you see Charlotte ?
House Of GordPetgirls, WhippedAss, Waterbondage, Wiredpussy, Bondage Barrix, Fetish Nation, Ashley Renee', and many many more

4A9C2429_RT8_9.jpg     CF_Barrix_015_11.JPG     CF_Strappado_027_30.JPG     CF_Jewell_Char_008_27.JPG                CF_Jewell_Char_009_28.JPG     CF_Jewell_Char_066_29.JPG     CF_Barrix_1_094_12.JPG     4A9C2377_RT8_5.jpg

Getting back to the movie, and the "secret".  The secret DOES lie with Charlotte.  No one I know puts as much into her personal Fetish that does Charlotte, and she
is more than happy, in point of fact proud of sharing it with all of us.  Stop by and visit this lady, and you will not be disappointed.  Who knows, you just
might come up with an idea she hasn't tried yet.  And I will bet you even money, she'll try it.  Keep it tight, restrictive, confining, silenced, and erotic, and she'll love it.
Oh.  She also has this penchant for ballet heels, and yes, she is one of the few who can walk in them.