Review of - House of Gord

The Home of Ultra Bondage

The Home of Ultimate Bondage

No truer words have ever been spoken.
The House of Gord is NOT just another bondage site, it is "THE" bondage site as far as this author is concerned.  If you have a craving for the
out of the ordinary, exotic, or for lack of a better word, "deviant" bondage, you need look no further.

No one, and I mean NO one, that I have ever seen or run across even comes close.  Gord excels at what he and Lady Serena offer their viewers.
What is that exactly?  I wish there were a word that could sum it all up but that words does not exist at this time.

It would be my suggestion prior to visiting the House of Gord that the browser take the time and read the following.

The House of Gord Philosophy
Lady Serena. M.H.S. (Master of Human Sexology)
Certified Sexologist / Erotologist

01903001.jpeg As the philosopher once said:

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Take that advice and take a peek

   20031018135916_4008c009.jpeg                                                      3902217.jpeg

Unlike some websites, Gord and Lady Serena are NOT out to convert the world.

  They don’t think the world would be better if more people were into bondage, although they do think it would be better if more people were tolerant of bondage.
Hey, it’s not for everyone.
Gord and Lady Serena  just want the freedom to express themselves in this manner and to experience the type of pleasure
they want to experience in a way that is safe for everyone involved. 

Devious Devices

Below are just a few of what Gord terms Devious Devices, and trust me, there are more.  Many more.
I do have to honestly say that I do not know that much about the man himself.   But I have a sneaky suspicion that
there is an Electro/mechanical  engineering background in there somewhere, and just from looking, I would venture a guess
of a possible Master's Degree, maybe even a Doctorate.

4101006.jpeg                                         306044.jpeg                     359075.jpeg                                         357033.jpeg

Simply put, Gord is amazing.  Never have I seen the human mind put to such exquisite use other than the space program.
Where he gets his ideas I have no idea, but every one of them, he turns into a reality for all of us to see.

                 3902005.jpeg                                   4002060.jpeg                                  W324036.jpeg                    

Getting back to the website, the viewer will find a very well developed and user friendly format that can be followed either categorically or chronologically.

4104008.jpg Some of the categories include:

Caged and Boxed - Packed for Transport - Ravishing in Restraint - Cocooning - Hoods, Gags & Masks, Pony Girls,
Suspension, Members Frolics, Forniphilia, Gord's Notes, and a Video Theater

4104026.jpg                                         4104089.jpeg

If you feel you need a few minutes to catch your breath after viewing some of Gord's "Attractions", take a small detour over to Gord Books

Take a breather and take a peek

There you will find a plethora of magazines and writings of some of the most "Deliciously Deviant" artists and authors, including Gord himself.
The works of Simon Benson and Stargraves are but a few.  You will also find Videos including Gord's first, titled "Trouble at the House of Gord"

4101071.jpg 4101084.jpeg


 301014.jpeg The Home of Ultra Bondage 301022.jpeg

Can I say more about The House of Gord?  Absolutely.
In point of fact, to be fair, this page should have been at minimum a novella.   There is just too much to say, and
trying to sum it up in a few paragraphs is impossible and would be a dis-service to Gord.
What I can and will say is this.  If you have a desire to view "Ultra" bondage or just want to find out more about it, there is no
better place to visit.  Awesome and phenominal are words that brush the surface to describe House of Gord.

House of Gord can not be missed by anyone who expresses a desire of Bondage.  Only a fool will pass it over.



The House of Gord