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In November of 2002 I posted some pictures from my friend Dave Aychee, of a sweet emerald eyed lady by the name of Rosaleen.
  Call it a hunch if you will, but there was something in those pictures, well in her eyes, that said "future".
My hunch was correct.

Rosaleen now has attainded one of her dreams, her very own website to share with you.  I have to be honest and tell you that this is not
just another website with a bunch of beautiful pictures on it.   It is so much more.  While you gaze upon the pictures I have placed here,
take a moment and read about Rosaleen.

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Below is the way she lets her fans know a few details about herself.  The way she words it says volumes.

Welcome one and all. Within these pages, I share passions and fantasies from the depths of my imagination in a celebration of eroticism and romantic submission

To satisfy Monsieur or Madame’s curiosity, here are my details:

NAME: Rosaleen (pronounced Rose-a-leen!)  Young
VITALS: 34A-22-34
AGE:  19
HEIGHT:  5ft2
HAIR:  Chestnut brown
EYES:  Emerald Green
SHOE SIZE:  UK 3  (US 5)

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Since this is a website Review I will stick to that.  If you want to learn even more, visit "Eyrie Notables" and you can delve even
further into Rosaleen's mind, and be drawn deep into its depths.  This lady is not superficial in any way shape or form.

These pictures are just a very tiny glimpse of what awaits.

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Rosaleen's Website went online in March of 2003, and is already filled with excellent photograpy, each with a special theme that
brings out the best in her.  She even takes the time to do a short synopsis of what the set brings out in her.  Call them mini-stories if you
wish to, but each brings out something special.

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Not only does the website offer the viewer much, Rosaleen also has two Yahoo Groups.

Rosaleen Young - Bound & Enslaved

Rosaleen Young - The Worlds most spankable bottom

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Rosaleen offers her Members more than just the picture Galleries, which by the way are increasing quickly.  She also maintains a special
area for one of her personal favorites, "Outdoor public bondage", and the Update page not only lists what is the most recent, it is a diary of
what is going on in her real life.  One other area contains a few of her "writings" from her soon to be released book of erotic tales. 

See, I told this was not just superficial beauty.

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At minimum take the tour of her Preview area, then go purchase a Membership.  Not to sound too facetious but models are a dime a
dozen.  Class is few and far in between.  This lady has CLASS AND STYLE.  Don't miss your oppurtunity to see what I'm talking about. 
Why do you think I have her in Eyrie Notables?

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